Gerard Heiber

Gerard Heiber is currently the President of Urban Investment Partners General Contracting Inc. UIP is a real estate investment, asset and property management company specializing in multi-family properties in the Washington metropolitan area. His career included serving as the President of SIGAL Construction Corporation, one of the Washington Metropolitan area’s largest locally owned commercial construction firms, and participating as a founding member of the US Green Building Council. Mr. Heiber has a BS degree from Boston University, Masters in Landscape Architecture from Syracuse University/SUNY at Syracuse and pursued a degree in Construction Management from George Washington University.


With over 30 years of real estate and construction experience in Washington DC, Mr. Heiber is dedicated to preserving the historic fabric of the community while working on project s that enhance the built environment. This dedication has come to bear on many of DC’s most notable historic structures and also some of its most complex; most recently, DC’s historic schools have benefited from his knowledge, care and commitment.

Complementing his work with historic preservation is his equally strong devotion to high performance green buildings and sustainable communities. Mr. Heiber helped pioneer implementing sustainable building practices in construction, first as Chief Operating Officer of SIGAL Environmental in 1992 and later as part of the team that developed the original concept for the LEED™ Rating System.

Some of Mr. Heiber’s favorite projects he participated in that have extensive historic notes include the Evening Star Building, Old State Department, Bowen Building, The Jefferson Hotel, Chapman Stables, Lincoln Theater, American University’s McKinley Building, DC Jewish Community Center, DCPS Cardozo High School, DCPS Wilson High School, Bond Building, Franklin School, Corcoran School of Art and the Carnegie Institute.