Endangered Places

Beginning in 1996, the DC Preservation League has announced a list of Most Endangered Places to draw attention to Washington, DC’s, historically, culturally and architecturally significant places that may be threatened with ill-advised alteration or demolition through neglect or abandonment.

The formerly annual list is now a single ongoing compilation of threatened structures in Washington. The annual list archives is replaced by a single list of these places’ updated statuses: saved, rehabilitation in progress, or not saved. However, even “saved” buildings are not free from future threats of demolition, neglect, or alteration. Preservation is a continual process. Saved here means that the particular threat that caused the building to be placed on the Most Endangered Places list was alleviated. This list makes evident which places still need support and action, as well as providing examples of successful rescue efforts.

DCPL solicits nominations for its ongoing list from individuals and organizations. DCPL’s landmarks committee evaluates the nominations and advises the Board of Trustees on their inclusion on the list. In many cases, a task force is created to raise awareness and develop possible preservation solutions for the endangered resource.

Click here to nominate an endangered site in your community.