Carroll Laundry Smokestack

14th Street and Fairlawn Avenue, SE


Before Photo

After Photo

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The stack, built in 1916 for the Anderson Tire Manufacturing Company, is constructed of blonde glazed brick. It stands completely independent on a concrete base and is 110 feet tall. A landmark in the truest sense of the word, the stack towers over all of the other structures in the neighborhood. The stack tapers for more than four-fifths of its height, where three courses of blonde bricks provide a belt course, followed by three courses of dark brown bricks and another similar course of blonde. Above these belt courses, extending almost to the top of the stack is a decorated masonry pattern forming diamonds, with the long axis oriented vertically up the shaft, of dark brown over blonde units. The shaft then widens again for seven more courses of blonde brick before a much narrower shaft top in the same color masonry. The name “Carroll” is clearly visible in black painted very large letters running down the northwest side of the stack. The present owner of the building requested permission to demolish the adjacent buildings and smoke stack for a new charter school building.