DC World War I Memorial

West Potomac Park


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Completed in 1931, the Peristyle Doric Temple is located on the National Mall in West Potomac Park in Washington, DC, built by residents to memorialize local heroes who served the nation in World War I. It was the first memorial on the Mall to list all DC residents who lost their lives in the war, regardless of their race, class, or gender. The memorial is forty feet in diameter and large enough to hold the 80-member U.S. Marine Corps Band.

The DC World War Memorial I is a gemstone in the crown of local Washington, DC memorial architecture and civic pride. In a city whose civic symbols are often overshadowed by the vast portfolio of architectural gems of the nation, the DC World War Memorial I stands as a tribute to DC’s vision, its loyalty and honor to the nation, and an expression of love for the DC men and women who served and died for their nation

Though the DC World War I Memorial continues to stand gracefully in a shady grove of trees, it has been neglected for decades. The memorial needs both public attention and physical attention. It has been thirty years since major work has been done on the memorial. DCPL commends the National Park Service for completing a structural evaluation of the memorial, but money for capital projects is tight and the NPS needs further advocacy to place this site at the top of their list for limited maintenance funds.