Harewood Estate Gate House

Michigan Avenue & Harewood Road, NE

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The Harewood Estate was the country residence of William Corcoran, one of the founders of Riggs Bank and of the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Corcoran sold the property to the Soldiers’ Home in 1872, which sold the land to the Catholic University of America in 2004. The property is surrounded by Corcoran’s original iron and stonework fence; the lodge at the southern end, in Second Empire style, was almost certainly designed by James Renwick, architect of the Smithsonian Castle and St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York; the gatehouse at the north entrance dates from the 1880s. All of these structures continue in good repair, while remnants exist of John Saul’s landscaping of the 1850s. There has also been an active process to solicit development proposals for this site, posing a threat to the historic structures.