Mount Zion Cemetery

2501-2599 Mill Road, NW

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Mount Zion Cemetery plays an important role as a reminder of African American culture in nineteenth century Georgetown. The land was purchased in 1808 by the Dumbarton Street Methodist Episcopal Church. The African American members of this congregation broke off to form Mount Zion Church, which in 1879 took control of the cemetery. This was done with the help of the Female Union Band Society, a benevolent society of free African American women established in 1842. This cemetery stands as a physical representation of the society and culture African Americans in Georgetown created and the pride in this achievement. In 1976 the Afro-American Bicentennial Corporation organized volunteers to clean up the neglected cemetery. Since then, the site has fallen back into disrepair; headstones are broken or missing, vegetation grows unchecked, and the sign marking the cemetery has disappeared.